Snapshot: I’m a….Mom, Wife, Radio host, TV host, On-air Talent Coach, Life Coach, Lead Minister. Whew! Makes me tired just writing that. Here’s what it really looks like…

The story behind the titles

You’re here for a reason! You and I share something in common. At least one thing. You are curious, you want to continue to grow and stretch yourself, you want more. Perhaps you’re looking to reach new places spiritually, emotionally, spiritually or even physically. You’re in the right place. Together, we’ll discover where you’re at now, and where your heart’s desire longs to take you.

Thanks for inviting me along on the journey!

My journey began when I was in high school and new I wanted to write. I was the first editor of my school newspaper, and decided then that I wanted to be a voice to the world and that being a reporter would be a way to “inform” the world of what was happening (as if what the world could benefit from was more “information” rather than wisdom:). So, onto college I went to pursue a degree in Mass Communications Broadcasting, and also Political Science. After college I began my work in television news.

My career took off and I thought I was on my way “up.” My “star” was rising (so to speak) – then a turn of events. Children. After becoming a national news producer and live-shot reporter at the ripe young age of 25, I got married and began having children. Then things changed. Mainly, my perspective.

After my first son was born, I found myself literally tearing myself away from him to go to “work” each day (and that’s what it became. No longer joy, and excitement, but “work”). As I prayed for solutions to the dilemma of pursing the dream I thought was so important – or pouring myself fulling into what my heart was calling me toward which was being at home with my baby.

I’ll never forget the day I made the decision. I was driving home from my TV job, and I couldn’t wait to get home to hold my baby boy. The entire drive home I prayed. I handed my “dream” career over to God. I told him I was going to give that desire and dream of my TV news career to him and was asking him to steward it well. I asked him to do what HE wanted with it – and because God is faithful, within weeks I was working part time, switching schedules with my husband and hosting an afternoon Christian issues oriented show.

From there, my work in Christian radio expanded. I had 3 more kids, co-founded the first center based program for children with autism, sat as the board chair on two organizations, and served as a board member for another 2 non-profits, coached special olympics, became a life coach, a conference speaker and a lead minister…and now…who knows. Author? The adventure continues…..